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Sympathy for the Robot

This is a photo illustration of the article “Sympathy for the Robot” published in The Atlantic. The article is reviewing the TV show Westworld and discusses an act where a human shoots a robot in the head, questioning the humanity of humans and robots.

The photo was taken by me on a black acrylic board with red-dyed corn-syrup and small bolts and nuts.

The primary theme I wanted to convey from the article was the idea of humans becoming more robotic in their actions and the robots becoming more human. I wanted to illustrate the aftermath of violence and darkness of these concepts in a way that was allusive and not a literal illustration.

I had initially thought of concepts relating to the Wild West, guns, technology, and cartoon robots. I sketched out robots trapped in a rollercoaster in the Wild West and thought of various chess-related illustrations. However, I was unhappy with how literal they felt when I wanted to highlight more of the conceptual themes. I also felt an ink illustration in the realm that I was sketching wouldn’t match the high production value and the polished, futuristic element of Westworld. Therefore I went with a photo illustration and used white and black backgrounds to enhance the main element which was the blood.

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