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King’s Chef Diner

This was a restaurant rebrand. King’s Chef Diner is a local breakfast restaurant in Colorado Springs that is known for its quirky and fun personality with an edge. I incorporated the fun characteristics King’s Chef Diner is known for along with allusions to medieval themes, cooking, and the rocker aspect.

The re-brand included a logo, stationery, menu, packaging, ad series, and food truck.

King’s Chef was a fun process for me because I had a lot of whimsical things to play with. The actual King’s Chef diner is famous for its bright purple castle with full-on pillars. It plays into the cartoon castle with a menu full of fantasy-themed dishes. The staff and interior added an edge to the restaurant though since the interior is more like a classic rock diner with a line of tatted chefs on the grill, rock music playing over the speakers, and college students filling the booths. I wanted to incorporate all these elements and have some fun with this project.

I sketched quite a few ideas for the logo. I was dancing between a logo that heavily leaned into the medieval aspect or logos that were simply word marks. I knew the logo should have a character to it and have a roughness to it so that it didn’t lean too heavily into the cartoon aspect.

For other projects like the posters or the food truck, I sketched out different ideas and layouts. For the ad series, I played with pop culture with a reference to Game of Thrones. I continued the fantasy element with a story of a war between the red and green chilis.

For the stationary, I focused on the business card and the skewed mark that was a contrast to a traditionally structured business card.

On the menu, I added some of that cartoon-whimsy in the illustrations of food. For the menu as a whole, I wanted it to feel like it was bouncing in a room of loud music and wanted to have a lot of energy to the design. I illustrated this by having the burger and salad look like it was falling (or bouncing up) and adding dots and lines to emphasize motion. Everything was also a bit off-kilter to keep things from being too static. The menu also included an insert, a double-sided yellow flame, and a table card. The yellow menu inserts advertised their salsa and green chile while the table card advertised their famous breakfast burritos.

The food truck was a culmination of all the previous elements. It capitalized on the fantasy story with the green chili king. It included easter eggs like the purple castle, a bottle of green chile, and Pike’s Peak (the local mountain).

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