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Helios Hotel

Helios Hotel is a self-created sunflower hospitality farm in North Dakota. For this farm, I wanted to convey the sense of home comforts and relaxation tied to farm lifestyles. I took inspiration from North Dakota barn quilts and the geometric patterns that comprised their quilts. These geometric quilt shapes were incorporated into the sunflower shape which also references the sun and a compass.

I started this project with a lot of research on sunflower products and hospitality farms. I wanted a sense of what existing farms were advertising and who the audience was for these kinds of establishments.

I did approximately 100 thumbnail sketches along with a mood board to understand what direction I wanted to go with the logo. I wanted to keep the style traditional and soothing. I also wanted to stick to bright blues and yellows that mimicked the sky and the flowers.

I started narrowing down the logos that I thought were strong and appropriate for Helios Hotel. These were the digital renditions of the logos I had narrowed it down to.

For the poster series, I wanted it to invoke the feeling of home comforts and a rustic environment. To invoke this feeling, I created the series to appear as a quilt with hand-made stitching. I also wanted to highlight key features of the farm such as the house itself, homemade sunflower bread, and picking sunflowers.

The brochure continues the quilt-style from the poster series and highlights more activities and features of the farm.

I also created packaging for Helios Hotel. It included a bread box, sunflower seed box, and a gift box for a handkerchief. These designs went more of a commercial route. They didn’t incorporate the quilt-style like the brochure and posters but did continue the geometry and home comfort references. The bread box shape mimicked a house with windows and the construction of the box had aspects like petals of a flower.

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