In my work, I am highlighting the connection between the hypersexualization of Asian women to the sexual violence that Asian women experience in their lived reality. In the discourse of representation, it is relatively common knowledge that the media relies on stereotypes of the Asian female body and assumes a monolithic set of cultural values. The pervasiveness of these stereotypes does not just stay within the spheres of the media but bleeds into society resulting in violence towards Asian women.

This piece focuses on pornography to emphasize user’s interactions on these spaces that typically remain in the private sphere. On this page, the audience has the ability to interact as they would a regular porn site. However here, the hypersexual violent portrayals are linked to the sexual violence Asian women experience. Through this simulation, the audience’s clicks are questioned since they are not innocuous but bring the user face-to-face with serious material. Buttons that traditionally lead a viewer to sexual content, reveals facts of reality. Ads that could be dismissed as clickbait, source real examples from today’s society.

Much of this piece is pulled from actual sources. The titles are all real porn titles. The comments are real (usernames changed), pulled from Anna Akana’s video, Why Guys like Asian Girls, and user iBeShucks’ video, ASIAN FETISH. The video statistics are also taken from an actual porn video of the same title. Adding these real elements breaks down the disassociation between what is perceived as an online fictional reality and the violence in lived reality.

Humor factors into this piece through the visual callbacks to 90’s blogs and flashy web designs. This humor is a reference to the crass aesthetics of pornography and the societal perception of sexual content as profane. However, underneath the initial aesthetic humor is the severity of the issue. This, again, breaks down perceived divide between an entertaining online space and the truth of this content.

This subversion of expectations in the porn space continues with the video. In place of an expected video is one that depicts reality. This reality takes one form through the raw, de-glamorized body. These shots produce an uncomfortable spectatorship through the extreme close-ups, curated comments placed on top of the shots, and the uneasy audio. The other shots position the lens as a voyeur, confining the subject in framed views. This tension implies a voyeur’s sexual aggression and the tension of being subject to violently hypersexualizations. Importantly though, the subject here is the humanized person, not portrayed in a stereotypical fashion, but as the everyday and yet is still constrained and viewed through the sexual voyeur’s lens.


interactive art